The Guided (2) – Khalil Sahurie Sady

The Guided – Khalil Sahurie Sady

Rodrigo Chandia, a Chilean translator and journalist, was born in a Catholic family in January 1975, two years after the Chilean coup,he began his research and investigation on Islam with the influence of som Muslim friends in his community at that time. He converted to Islam at the age of 17 at the Al-Islam Mosque in Santiago under the influence of his Palestinian friends.
Shortly afterwards, Islamic Revolution affected him and he converted to Shiism and called himself Khalil Sahurie Sady.
In 2000 his journey began by traveling to some countries with Islamic groups to get to know more Muslims around the world Including Holand, Jordan, Pakistan, India, and then Iran in 2006 where he decided to stay and study
Religious studies
Bachelor’s degree in Islamic seminary sciences is from Al-Mustafa International University.

Finally, after a decade of publishing the teachings of the Ahl al-Bayt, He died on first of October 2017 of liver cancer.

October 4, 2021