A new Muslim from South Korea: I felt a spiritual love for Imam Hossein

A new Muslim from South Korea, after visiting the holy shrine of Imam Raza, said,”After being familiar with the religion of Islam and Shiite sect, the inspiring sound of Arafa praying and the chant of Imam Hussein (AS) with God, made my lifeline to Islam.”

According to Estebsar (Islamic Revert Website), based on a report from the website of Astan Quds Razavi,a group of South Korean Muslims visited the holy shrine of Imam Raza and were blessed with spiritual blessings of the holy shrine atmosphere. Farideh Rigi, from Iran, accompanied them. This Group also take advantage of special programs which were prepared by the non-Iranian pilgrims’ office of Astan Quds Razavi.

An Islamic, 26-year-old reverted lady pointed to the effectiveness of the chant of Imam Hussein (AS) with God and said, ” When I was in the inspiring and spiritual atmosphere of Arafa Prayers, I realized that is one of the most famous and meaningful prayers of Ahl Beit, which has been quoted from Imam Hosein. After hearing Arafa Prayers I felt a spiritual love for Imam Hosein and got more familiar with Imam Hosein which rooted into Ashura.”

“I became familiar with many Muslim friends realized that the belief in an invisible soul is impossible, in other religions, and after converting to Islam, many of my views changed because my beliefs had not been based on God in the past, “she said,”After being familiar with Islam, I noticed that I had been living in darkness and my nature demanded a prophet to guide me to spirituality.”

“Shiites have a gentle spirit and Imams have been sent to purify them. I learned many moral teachings from Ashura such as love, forgiveness, science, complaisance, self-sacrifice, and in general, the keywords of Shiites,” this pilgrim also added ” In Iran, all circumstances are available to know God and become human, and after making a lot of researches and trips to Iran,I found out that women dignity maintaining is totally different in Iran comparing to western culture. I consider all my mental and ideologicalchanges as a divine success. I will never quit Islam”

Referring to inner theism and her awakeness, she also said, “Earlier in my life, I had been looking for something, but when I became a Muslim,I felt a new pure emotion which changedmy life and after that,I learned Islamic rules.My inner calling of natureled me to this path and I felt as if I hadbeen born again.”

She,an employee of Samsung in South Korea, added, “Praying on time, and visiting shrines will be advantageous for human life which you can see effects just after performing them.” She also explained her first praying as a Muslim: “I can not describe my feelings of praying and wearing a chador, I had the feeling of flying.”

About her trip to the holy shrine of Imam Reza, she said “There are many attractions in the holy shrine of Razavi. It is very important to visit the holy shrine and being familiar with all various aspects of efforts made done by Astan Quds Razavi and its non-Iranian pilgrims’ office.”

Referring to the cultural invasion, artistic works, and attractive media,she said:

“To fight the propaganda of enemies of Islam, we must choose the pure and unique view of Islam, this is how we can dispel their false thoughts.”


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December 12, 2020


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