Brief history of the Prophet (s) and his daughter Fatima (a), the confluence of two lights


– brief outline of the events in the life of the Prophet before and after Hijrah, the battles fought by the Muslims, and their return to Makkah in 10 AH
– Qur’anic verses about the Prophet: the Prophet is the seal of the Messengers, love for and obedience to him is mandatory
– functions of the Prophet (s) in light of verses from the Qur’an
– property of ‘isma (inerrancy) in the Prophet and his successors
– brief outline of events in the life of Bibi Fatima (a)
– discussion of Sura al-Kawthar
– relationship between the Prophet and his daughter, and its importance
– denial of Fadak to Fatima (a)



February 17, 2015