Published On: Tue, Feb 17th, 2015

Brief history of the Prophet (s) and his daughter Fatima (a), the confluence of two lights


– brief outline of the events in the life of the Prophet before and after Hijrah, the battles fought by the Muslims, and their return to Makkah in 10 AH
– Qur’anic verses about the Prophet: the Prophet is the seal of the Messengers, love for and obedience to him is mandatory
– functions of the Prophet (s) in light of verses from the Qur’an
– property of ‘isma (inerrancy) in the Prophet and his successors
– brief outline of events in the life of Bibi Fatima (a)
– discussion of Sura al-Kawthar
– relationship between the Prophet and his daughter, and its importance
– denial of Fadak to Fatima (a)



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Mecca Masjid

Place Hyderabad, India
Year Built 1694
One of the oldest mosques and the biggest mosque located in Hyderabad, India. Named after Mecca for the bricks made from the city's soil transported to India.