Kata: I began to start thinking and feeling that I could, should and needed to believe

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Balogh kata is talking …   In 2008, I befriended some Muslims, who asked if I practiced any religion, which I did not. I believe this question triggered my interest. I began to start thinking and feeling that I could, should and needed to believe. To have something to hold onto. To belong somewhere. Thus, I started asking about their faith, More...

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By admin On Sunday, April 15th, 2018

Who inspires you the most in Shia history?

Balogh kata is answering… I am afraid, I can not pick just one person from the Household of Prophet Muhammad (saw). They all inspire me with their indescribably great personalities and teachings. However, More...

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By admin On Monday, April 9th, 2018

Changing the name after converting to Islam

Q: Was Zahra a name that you yourself chose? A: Actually we had some friends, Muslim friends from Saudi Arabia. They gave the suggestion to me and my sister and since my mother had chosen Fatemeh, they kept telling More...

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A trip from Hungary to Islam

Please tell us about your childhood and where did you grow up? I was born in 1993, and was brought up in a small town in the South-East of Hungary. The main, leading religion here is Christianity. However, growing More...

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Leyla Hussain in Ahlulbayt TV

Ahlulbayt tv brings you an exclusive interview with sisters Leyla Hussain & Zahra Al-Alawi.  More...

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Marzieh Hashemi: Muslim , Christian & Jew no problem with each other, but it’s the Medias that are trying to upraise some contrasts among them

My name is Marzieh Hashemi, from America, I was born in a religious Christian family, and since 26 or 27 years ago I have became Muslim. For me, embraced Islam is directly in relation to Islamic revolution of Iran More...

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Sister Roshni: Islam is a faith but it manifests itself in every aspect of your life

Sister Roshni is used to the reaction of cab drivers who pick her up at work. Typically they will say: “You cannae be a Muslim, you’re white.” But as a blind woman and a convert to Islam, Roshni is used to More...

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Among Muslims throughout the world, there are many sincere pious men and women

Ingrid Mattson is a professor of Islamic Studies at Hartford Seminary. She is Vice President of the Islamic Society of North America.   I spent a lot of time looking at art the year before I became a Muslim. More...