Promise to spread the message of Imam Hussein to family and country


Nigerian Princess Converted to Shia Islam Arrives at Imam Hussein Holy Shrine Among the Delegates who arrived at the Imam Hussein Holy Shrine from Nigeria, Fatima Ardobairo, the Princess of the Nigerian State was welcomed along with the delegates by officials of the Holy Shrine. Fatima states that it has been four years since she became a follower More...

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By admin On Friday, July 3rd, 2015

I did a lot of studies about Islam

The Lithuanian Christian chess master and the coach of the national team of Iran chess, Virginijus Grabliauskas, has converted to Islam in 23.1.2013. Iranian national chess team has announced on Wednesday his More...

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I was familiar with Muslims and this made me study about Islam

Professor Roderick Agortman converted to Shia islam in one of the mosques in Karaj, Iran and chose the name “Ali” for himself. Professor Roderick Agortman is a prominent figure in Europe who teaches Economics More...

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The impact of book about Imam Husain

Miss Berger who was born in Germany in 1991 and is currently a highly successful student in Britain converted to Shia Islam in presence of Ayatollah Rohani. At the start of the simple ceremony, the German lady More...