Hanif Mohammed : If Islam was presented to the public in America, the best solution for problems

Bio: Our Chairman Sh. Hanif Mohammed (Paul McCoy)  was born August 24, 1971 in Savannah, GA to a devout Christian family

where his mother and grandfather were United Methodist ministers. While in college he reverted to Islam in 1991. Sh. Hanif is an accountant  and recently finished a degree in Psychology. His Islamic studies were done at the Imam Institute under the tutelage of H.I. Fawzi al-Siraj and H.I. Ali Nawab for seven years where he completed the level of Muqaddat and graduated from IMAM in their first Preachers program. Sh. Hanif is a spokesperson for The Council of Shi’a Muslim Scholars of North America and the host of The Faith Collective, an internet television show that is featured on Ascent TV dedicated to educating Muslims on how to conduct interfaith dialogues. He is an international lecturer, has written two books and authored countless articles published online and in Islamic magazines and newsletters. While traveling around the country he noticed that there were few Americans in the centers and lecture halls that he was visiting and decided that there had to be a change. He saw this as a problem and founded Inviting to the Straight Path to promote Islam in America. It is his belief that if Islam is presented to the American public and shown to be the best solution for the problems that they are dealing with, the Americans would readily and wholeheartedly accept Islam. It is his passion and his mission to preach Islam to the people of this nation, telling them of the good news of salvation that is found in Islam

May 14, 2018


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