I did a lot of studies about Islam


The Lithuanian Christian chess master and the coach of the national team of Iran chess, Virginijus Grabliauskas, has converted to Islam in 23.1.2013.
Iranian national chess team has announced on Wednesday his conversion to Shiite Islam and from now he will be called Ali.

‘Virginijus’ that chose the name Ali for himself, said “during the four years that I was in Iran, I did a lot of studies about Islam I felt that being the Shia of Ali (AS) can make me happy in this world and the hereafter. So I decided to convert to Shia Islam from Christian Catholic and therefore my name is Ali. I selected this name to be Shia of Ali (AS) and I want to live under the banner of Islam.”

Grablyaskas has expressed interest in continuing their lives in the context of Islam and Shiite doctrine.

3 years ago, Virginijus Grabliauskasas an International chess master came to Iran. He was teaching chess, and at the same time he was learning about Islam and Iran.

The coach went to the office of Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, in Mazandaran province, northern Iran and declared the “Shahada” (The testimony of faith), need to become Muslim.


July 3, 2015


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