Sayed Yahya Talib : I’ve got an eight-month investigation

Birth and upbringing

Sayed Yahya Talib was born in the province of ‘Jawof’ in the year 1974 in Yeman.
He obtained a diploma in academic studies in addition to this he has 7 years of knowledge of religious studies, 4 years of which were completed in a religious institute in Jawof and the remaining three years in ‘Saada’. He also taught, and led prayers in an Islamic centre in Jawof.

The Beginning

Although Sayed Yahya Talib was known as a follower of the Zaydi School of thought, he was however not an extremist nor was he closed minded. He was however and individual who was open to all discussions, this attitude allowed him to read Shia books which enabled him to understand further of this sect and their belief.
Sayed Yahya Talib’s social life did not limit him to any boundaries within the individuals in the society comprising of different Islamic faiths, he used to pray congregational prayers with the remainder of the Muslims. Sayed Yahya Talib one day met with a Shia individual from the city of al-Iehsaa in the Arabic islands. And between them a discussion arose which was the differences amongst the Muslims generally, and within them the Shia and the brother from the city of al-Iehsaa clarified some of the points and concerns that the sheikh was carrying.

The point of Conversation:

This is how Sayed Yahya Talib friendship with the brother from al-Iehsaa started, from this the Sayed started reading Shia references and books and started discussing topical issues concerning the Shia school of thought. He says: “we started the research/discussion together, and we noted many surprises throughout history, also there were many important points which were clarified and our minds were glorified with vast pieces of knowledge specifically in concern with the question of Imama and vicegerency.   At the end of the journey the falsehood of Zaydism was proven, furthermore, the Ithna Ashri sect was the closet sect to the truth”. This research extended to a period of eight months, he and his friends proved the truth of the household of the Prophet (PBUH) and that their supporters were the true survivors.

Points of guidance

From some of the points, which attracted this new muslim to the stride of Ahlul Bayt(AS) were:

1.    The subject of Imama, and the lack of knowledge of the subject in the Sunni belief though more specifically in the Zaydi school of thought, however in the Shia school of thought it was contrary.
2.    The subject of infallibility, the theoretical and practical explanation by Shia.
3.    The vast reading of literature, without forgetting the book of his teacher al-Tijani and a few other Zaydi books which contained many proofs.
4.    His listening to many recorded Islamic lectures and especially to those topical issues which were opposed to the household of the Holy Prophet (PBUH)

April 16, 2018


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