Tania Pauling: Why I’m I alive? Why was I born? From where did I come? And to where do I go


Sister Tania Pauling was born in 1976 in Germany. Her country of birth is recognised as a very developed country of great importance in Europe and the World, whose population is approximately sixty-five million of whom three million are Muslims.

These Muslims are mainly of German, Turkish, Iranian and Arabic origin and the majority of them reside in Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Hanover.  Thus Sister Tania was brought up in a Christian family that has traditions that every Western family follows.

Life of the person in the West

The one who is most fit to speak upon a society is the one who is brought up in the society, and Sister Tania talks upon her society from a conceptual point of view:
‘ I do not exaggerate  when I say  that none of us were alive. We did not plan with foresight our future. In fact, none of us had the courage to ask ours
Selves: Why I’m I alive? Why was I born? From where did I come? And to where do I go?
We knew that we were all on a path that was leading us astray taking us nowhere. We all wanted to go about a life of commonalty, living like the others, and did not think of a tranquil life and abode as if we were lost’.
These are clear statements that this woman is advocating on how a person is lost through fabricated slogans of development and freedom.
She adds: ‘Over 60% of teenagers live in a state of loneliness despite friendships and family relations whom only a few experience, and most of the people live their lives alone in a room or a flat isolated from others’.
And so in her eyes this is the loss of the people regardless of how nice the cities look, the reason being the sense of purposelessness and spiritual emptiness and the concentration of people to just satisfy their temptations and desires.

The beginning

Sister Tania remembers how she was introduced to Islam and says: ‘It starts like this- I was out with my friends one day in Hamburg’s Market and I saw this Muslim girl wearing the veil. I tried to mock her because she was wearing the veil and so I said: What illness has caused you to cover your body like this? The Muslim girl responded:  And what illness has caused you to expose your body in such a manner?
And so the Muslim girl discussed with me the fact that modesty, shyness in dress and chastity add to a woman’s honour and personal satisfaction’. These words stuck into Tania’s head, she was amazed at how this Muslim girl had such confidence and cared so much about her religion, so she began to come closer and closer to Islam.

The Change

Sister Tania says: ‘I went to Imam Ali (A.S) Mosque in Hamburg, so I debated and discussed religious issues with a group of brothers and sisters who were of different origins. A period of time passed when the intellect and rationale of Islam was coming through to me in such a beautiful way. My body and spirit were submitting and following Islamic thought and principles until I reached a stage where I felt I was a Muslim’.

Sister Pauling gives details of the reasons why she converted to Islam and decided to follow the teachings of Ahlul Bayt (AS):
1.    The special relationship that Muslims have with God: they are in constant communication with Him.
2.    The strong ties and unity between Muslims and their strong family links.
3.    The clear purpose in the lives of Muslims.
4.    Muslims practise their religion without isolating themselves from society. They are social people because their religion takes care of social issues in a thorough way.

The Result

Sister Tania talks upon the most important results that she attained and says:
I had everything except God! And so I used to feel empty, lonely and lost. I was in despair. However today I have found my true self that I had lost for twenty years, and I have come to know my God. So I now have all that I want because of Islam’.

Thus this is the meaning of true freedom. Islam gives to a person a most beautiful spirituality and purpose in this life and the hereafter. Moreover, one can see the light of this religion emitted from personalities such as the Messenger of Allah and his Holy Progeny who always made noble stands and sacrifices so that humanity may be guided into the right path.

The Future

Sister Tania says: ‘I ask God that He may guide my father and mother into Islam’ and wishes that she may have a good Muslim family of her own.

February 17, 2015


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