Thinking about weeping over Hussain (a.s.) was the reason for my conversion to Shia

In an interview with the Islamic Revert world (Estebsar), Ammar Amiri, an Iranian Shia convert, said that thinking about weeping over Aba Abdullah Al-Hussain (a.s.) was the reason for his conversion to Shia Islam. Read the details of this conversation below:
Please introduce yourself?
-I am Ammar Amiri, born in 1989, in the city of Nikshahr.
What made you research Shia religion?
-I was wondering what the differences are between Shia and Sunni that so many Wahhabis and some Sunnis insist on this enmity? This led me to read some books and research the scholars.
My most important question was that when we travel, we appoint someone to take care of our families. Then, how come the Prophet did not substitute anyone in his place?
After some research, I concluded that the Imamate Ideology is right. I saw that the Shia people are very pleasant and not at all as I thought. Unlike Wahhabism, which thought of blowing up and killing Shia, Shias thought of peace and pleasure.
My conscience was enlightened and I was wondering why weeping over Imam Hussain (a.s.), who was martyred until we could live as human beings, or weeping over Lady Zahra (s.a.), who has suffered so much from oppression, is polytheism and forbidden? Don’t we cry for the loss of our loved ones?! Well, Shias also cry for their closest and dearest ones.

August 19, 2021