US government tries to spread American Islam and destroy real Islam

According to Estebsar information center, Scott Jan Vitkovic is a Shiite Christian from the Czech Republic. He studied medicine at Harvard University and was one of the top students at this university as well as a consultant for PhD theses at the same university. As a result of this research, he realized the legitimacy of Shiism and the Islamic Revolution and felt a strange love and affection for Imam Khomeini, the leader of the revolution. He tolerated the United States prison for seven years. finally, the American government failed in front of Scott John Vidovic’s, revoked his documents and took him out of American. He is in Iran now.I would like your attention to the interview with Ali Scott Vitkovich.

How did you become a Muslim and a Shiite?

At the age of 12 (assuming Czechoslovakia is a Christian country), I went to church and became acquainted with the word of God. When I was studying to get acquainted with religious concepts, I was forbidden to research Islam, and as a rule, people become greedier for anything that is forbidden, I became curious about Islam, and I researched and became a Muslim.

After this event, I went to a school of intellectual rehabilitation to change my thoughts and give up Islam under the influence there. For about a year, despite all the efforts of the Marxists to change my thinking, it did not affect me, and even the children who were there with me became interested in Islam.
I studied the political issues of the world and had two questions in my mind. The first question was why the United States attacks countries where the majority of the population is Muslim? The second question was that every religion claims to be the most perfect and the best, but how can one be sure which religion is the best? So, I tried to find out by studying the various laws in Islam, and when I could not get the answer because I had to read the English texts, I went to a mosque near Harvard and asked the imam of the mosque.

Why does the United States attack and kill innocent people around the world, just because they are Muslims? He said that because the United States thinks they are terrorists. I told him I got information about them through the internet. These are children and women, please tell me about these innocent people! What terrorist act did these children, women and the elderly commit? He became very angry with me and said that our discussion on this issue was over and said that Islam is a religion of peace and that he supports peace, and I said if you support peace, why do you work for the US government that kill these innocent people?
As you know, every official mosque in the United States is run directly by the US government. “This is American Islam that I did not know about at the time.” When I thought this person would answer my questions about Islam, I did not know that his main goal was not to spread Islam; Rather, he wanted to destroy Islam, and finally he told me that I was a threat to the United States and that he would inform the government about me, and I told him that in the name of God, please call me. But he did not do that, he was very scared and did not call and asked a woman there to call the FBI and let them know that I am a terrorist.

If there is a final word, we hear.

I could have been in America with the best facilities, but it should never be forgotten that this world does not remain and the abode of the hereafter remains.

January 20, 2022