interview with Armenak Petrosian

The afterworld has always been interesting to people all over the world and many people have been able to experience it in some situations like a simple accident (NDE; Near Death Experience) or coma.

Armenak Petrosian is a 24-year-old new muslim boy who claims that after an accident, that led to a Near Death Experience and fell into a coma, a voice inspired him that he would have a chance to be alive and to convert to Islam.

He says he has traveled to Mecca once, before converting to Islam, with his friends to play music in a concert and has been surprised to see Kaaba, and people walking around it in white clothes. Since then, he has been searching to get more information about Islam and its religious events.

Armenak says that in Christianity there were four Bibles, with different orders, but in Islam, there is a unique book. He continues “I have read chapters like; Maryam, Noor, and Moses in the Holy Qur’an that did not exist in the Bible.  Beautiful meaningful contents in the Qur’an made me interested in the Qur’an and now I love the Qur’an more than any other book.”

He also says about Imam Khomeini’s speeches on him “Seeing the spiritual images of Imam Khomeini during his illness, and praying in the hospital had a great effect on me and made me more interested in his spiritual personality.”

October 14, 2021


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