Hazrat Zahra in point of view of Gonzales

Q: Could you please tell us what you have understood about the character of Hazrat Zahra (AS) or Hazrat Zeinab (AS)?

A: The character of Hazrat Zahra, even though she was very young when she died but she made it to accomplish so many things that we would never be able to do even if we lived ten times.

First of all, the chapter or Sura Kowsar – Surah revealed to the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) especially to value the high ranking of Hazrat Zahra (AS) – that was revealed for her.

In my opinion this chapter not only shows the high status of girls and women around the world, but also shows the sweet relation between a father and a daughter though I think most people do not recognize that.

So this is one thing for Hazrat Zahra (AS) that because of the relationship she had with her father, they called her “The mother of her father”. She was still a little child and she was his supporter, his helper, and she would care for him.

The Prophet (PBUH) also deeply loved her and had a great deal of respect for her which was very unusual at that time.

Unfortunately in some Arab societies, or in some other societies, nowadays we see that this is not the case in regards to girls.

I learnt that girls or females have a high status hence we have to recognize this status and once we recognize it we have to try and reach the goal that we were meant to on this earth.

This is what I learnt from Hazrat Fatemeh. First we have to recognize our own value, have respect for ourselves so that others will respect us.

I learnt from Hazrat Fatemeh that we are not weak we should not pity ourselves and by studying her life I realized first of all that there is so much to learn and another thing is patience, extreme patience.

Becoming Muslims we went through many hardships as my mother said,” We had unbelievable patience.”

I recognized that all these difficulties are to build my character or to build my faith so I don’t see them as difficulties any more.

But I was thinking once about the life of Hazrat Fatemeh (AS) and really felt sorry for myself. I wondered,” Hazrat Fatemeh went through a thousand times more problems than me and she is considered the most loved in the eyes of God and the Prophet (PBUH) so who am I to complain?”

You know I recognized that all these difficulties are to build my character or to build my faith so I don’t see them as difficulties any more.

This is one thing I learnt from Hazrat Fatemeh (PBUH). Studying her life helped me to put things in respective, to see things what they really are.

October 22, 2019


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