The impact of book about Imam Husain


Miss Berger who was born in Germany in 1991 and is currently a highly successful student in Britain converted to Shia Islam in presence of Ayatollah Rohani.

At the start of the simple ceremony, the German lady explained about her research into Islam and then Ayatollah Rohani pointed to Islam as the only true religion of God and stressed the responsibilities of being a Muslim researcher to the young convert.

She then said the Shahadah (statement of faith) and converted to Islam choosing the name Hosna as her Islamic name.

Hosna expressed her concern regarding the lack of Shia books and said that most of Islamic references are from the Sunni or Turkish sources.

She also mentioned that the translation of Ayatollah Rohani’s book about Imam Husain (AS) drew her attention to Islam.

February 14, 2015


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