“The best moment of my whole life was when I testified and became a Muslim

Interview with Nora Fatima

According to Estebsar Islamic Revert Website, Ms. Nora Fatima, a young, new Muslim and Shiite woman from the Philippines, has explained her conversion to the Shiite religion by taking a long way from atheism to Islam and finally to Shiism:
“The best moment of my whole life was when I testified and became a Muslim. I wasn’t a believer before embracing Islam. I had never met a Muslim in my childhood and adolescence. At that time, I had many problems and difficulties in my personal life, so that despite my disbelief, I sometimes wonder I had to talk to someone, a God, to find the solution to my problems. These difficulties prompted me to investigate the true God.
I researched different religions at that time, and among the religions, I had studied, I liked Islam more than any others .

I became familiar with the character of the Prophet of Islam by connection to the Muslims. The Prophet of Islam was patient with all people, both believers and infidels, and even behaved patiently with enemies.
On the other hand, I was fascinated by his special knowledge and understanding, God has bestowed upon him by Allah.
At the same time, he was humbled and obedient to his Creator, and all these reasons motivated me to believe more deeply in Islam.
Regarding the acceptance of her Islamic hijab, she stated that despite accepting the religion of Islam, performing all of its rules and laws was very difficult for her at first, but gradually she got used to them, and fortunately, Filipinos were familiar with Islamic hijab and she felt comfortable among them;
“Now I feel very comfortable wearing hijab, unlike earlier

October 20, 2021


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