There are certain positive energies in the holy shrine of Ahlul Bayt which are nowhere else

Interview with Zuha Smith

1. When you researched about Islam, what was your image of woman in Islam?

Well, I thought a woman has a second human being place, who is being dominated by a man and forces to be worn hijab and has no rights.

2. What is your opinion about training a Muslim child in a non-Islamic country?

It can be difficult because your training is very different from the education in the society and this makes it difficult and it can be easy when the child only takes the copy of religion from you not from the society.

3. How do you think Islamic missionary can give spirituality to a Muslim who is in the West world?

A religious preacher with the right behavior can make the best impact

4. What is your idea about propaganda and the role of missionaries in your own country, England? What weakness or deficiencies do you feel?

Shia have good conditions here, in general, they are everywhere but because of financial problems, inactivity and lack of their numbers in accordance with Sunnis, especially Wahhabis in everywhere, they are not as active and attractive as the Saudis. For example, Saudis write good book, Answer new questions and these things.

5. In your opinion, what are the main needs and new problems of Muslims living in European countries?

Access to the main sources of religion in the native language is the most important problem, Of course this is my opinion.

6. You have traveled to different Islamic countries. What do you think is the most deficiency in these communities?

Religion doesn’t present to the people as it is, and people sometimes make mistake with their culture and religion.

7. How did you feel when you saw persons with different languages, colors and races are united?

It feels good to be one with God. I wish it was like that everywhere

8. How can one focus on pilgrimage while those people are around you? Didn’t you like to be alone with the house of the Kaaba?

Of course, everyone likes to be alone there. But this feeling can be created inside.

9. What do you think were the strengths and the potential of Hajj as a collective act of worship in Islam?

Hajj can be a place for Muslims to unite against their enemy and a place where they can focus on a common religion apart from their nationality, and I wish they could learn the religion properly there and talk about other religions, but is not correct.

10. Has Hajj and its practices changed your Islamic attitude?

I tried to keep its spiritual effects after Hajj.

11. What do you think about luxury, entertainment and commercial constructions around holy places? Specially Mecca Clock Tower, although it is not limited to only that tower?

I do not like obstructed around the Holy Mosque.

12. In your opinion, why is the pilgrimage to the shrines of the Ahl al-Bayt are emphasized? What do we find in the shrines of the Ahl al-Bayt?

There are certain positive energies the holy shrine of Ahlul Bayt which are nowhere else.

13. What is the difference between the shrines of the Imams and the holy places of Christians?

The effects of polytheism in the church are not in the shrine of the Ahl al-Bayt. This gives a certain energy. (Christian trinity is clear in polytheism)

14. Which shrines of the Ahl al-Bayt did you visit for the first time? And did you find there what you were told?

Mashhad. No one gave me an explanation. But I felt very different. It was as if the presence of an angel could be felt. The sanctuary of the Ahl al-Bayt has a strange peace and security.

15. What do you think is in the shrine of Imam Hussein that makes many people like your sister decide to become a Muslim in the shrine of Imam Hussein?

You know we do not understand these things. Imam Hussein is very valuable for God. The Imam must pray and his pilgrims will be guided.

Karbala is a very strange place because strange things have happened there with strange details.

September 22, 2021