Yes or No : restriction after becoming muslim

Q: Are not you restricted as a Muslim woman?

A: Everybody is restricted. Our restrictions are that we have to act like a Muslim woman. We have to act like a human being. That’s our restriction.

This is what I have realized that everybody has restrictions; even in America we have restrictions.

If you go to work you cannot wear everything you want. You have to wear a certain type of clothing; so, the restrictions exist everywhere.

This is one thing I had to realize that restrictions are part of being a human being. If we do not follow restrictions then we are animals. Just like what I tell my kids, we are not a sheep just to walk and do whatever we want.

We are human beings and we are responsible for that; so, I don’t look at restrictions as restrictions. I look at them as responsibility.

Islam says we have to take responsibility for ourselves. So yes we do have restrictions as far as clothing. Everyone does. We have restrictions as far as behavior, everybody society does, whether it is more or less.

September 24, 2019